All benefits are available to members, regardless if the judge is “sitting” or retired

Regarding the State Government, IJA:

  • Advocates with the state legislature on matters of employee and retiree benefits
  • Reports on significant legislative and litigation developments affecting judges and the courts
  • Where ethical and appropriate, represents judges’ interests in litigation, as in Jorgensen v. Blagojevich  (2004), that overturned the termination of judges’ annual pay adjustments     
  • Works with JRS and CMS to resolve benefit issues for current and retired judges

Regarding the Media and Providing Information, IJA:

  • Disseminates benefit info on its own & with JRS and CMS by mailings, email, and conferences
  • Distributes the quarterly GAVEL, other newsletters, and emails with updates and alerts
  • Maintains the IJA website at www.ija.org, with a public access area and a members’ only access
  • Serves as the voice to the media by interviews, press releases, and letters to the editor
  • Offers individual members assistance with distributing local press releases
  • Provides assistance to individual judges regarding unjust public criticism 

 Various Benefits offered by IJA:

  • Health Insurance Consultant (includes Medicare Advantage) at no cost to members and survivors
  • Annual Convention held jointly with ISBA each December, with seminars, luncheon
  • Reduced membership rates for the American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Assistance with court house security and members’ on-line privacy and personal security
  • IJA travel opportunities for members and their guests
  • Just for fun: Social events such as IJA Ravinia Night and in conjunction with our charitable arm, IJF activities including Blackhawks and Bulls games and IJF’s Comedy Night

 Benefits Specifically for Retirees offered by IJA:

  • Offers dues at the reduced rate of $100 per year
  • Makes available to any member’s survivor IJA’s Health Insurance Consultant at no cost
  • Offers retired IJA volunteers to assist retirees and survivors with how to get answers on matters of health insurance, Medicare or Medicare Advantage, and prescriptions
  • Offers MCLE seminars from time-to-time specifically designed for our retired members
  • Offers other seminars and conferences from time-to-time on relevant retiree topics

 Ethics Assistance for all Judges regardless of Membership

  • Participates with ISBA and CBA in the Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee answering any state judge’s ethics questions, and publishing written IJEC Ethics Opinions at www.ija.org